Stop Brake Noise in 3 Simple Steps

3 Simple Steps to Stopping Brake Noise

Brake noise can be a pesky issue but often, its a simple fix. Follow these three steps to reduce or eliminate brake noise effectively:

  1. Inspect and Remove Pads: Remove the pads and identify any witness marks on pads that have been slightly moving in the caliper. These marks are often the cause of the squeal.
  2. Clean and Lubricate: Clean all contact points and lubricate with high-temperature grease. Ensure retention spring clips are in good condition or replace them. The pad needs to be tight in the caliper to solve most noise issues.
  3. Apply Anti-Squeal Products: If using disc brake quiet or a silicone-based product on the pad backing plates, allow the product to become tacky in the caliper. Then, apply the brake 2-3 times while stationary to let the product adhere properly. This method creates resistance for pad movement when brakes are applied.

Visual Guide

To view detailed instructions with graphics, download the PDF document:

Download Brake Noise Reduction PDF

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