Does Your Steering Wheel Shake When You Brake?

Alleviate steering wheel vibration Have you experienced your steering wheel vibrate or shudder when braking? In this technical bulletin, we are going to look into what could cause this and how it can be alleviated.

Does Your Steering Wheel Shake When You Brake?

Technical BulletinHave you experienced vibrations or shuddering in your steering wheel when braking? This technical bulletin will explore potential causes of this issue and how it can be resolved. Brake shudder is commonly caused by Disk Thickness Variation (DTV) in your brake discs, resulting from uneven wear or improper installation.

What Causes Brake Shudder and Wheel Shaking?

Greased Caliper PinsIdentifying the source of brake shudder is the first step in addressing this issue. Vibration felt through the steering wheel during braking typically indicates a problem with the front brake rotors, whereas a shudder through the brake pedal suggests issues with the rear rotors.

Diagnosing and Fixing Brake Shudder

If a brake disc develops DTV, the disc may need to be machined to level out uneven spots or replaced entirely if machining is not feasible. Additionally, malfunctioning brake calipers can cause uneven wear on the rotors. Seized caliper slide pins may prevent the calipers from releasing properly, which can be remedied by removing, cleaning, and regreasing the pins with high-performance synthetic lubricant.

Rusty Rotor FixAn uneven mounting surface on the wheel hub can also cause brake shudder. Removing rust and scale with sandpaper and WD40 from the hub face can ensure a smooth surface for mounting the brake disc. This practice is recommended every time brake discs are replaced or refitted to prevent future shudder.

Brake PadProper bedding-in of new brake pads is essential to avoid immediate wear and brake shudder. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for bedding-in procedures to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, ensuring that wheel nuts are torqued evenly with a quality torque wrench according to manufacturer specifications can help prevent rotor run-out.

Keeping your brakes in top condition is crucial for safety. After all, they are what enable you to stop safely. For further assistance or more detailed information, please reach out to our customer support.

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