Dimple Slotted Vented High Performance Hub Style

Dimple Slotted Vented Hub Style Disc Brake Feature and Benefits

High Performance Style Disc

This style of disc includes performance enhancements to give you a superior braking power compared to your standard brake system. Partially drilled dimpled holes dissipate heat without penetrating the brake pad surface and sacrificing strength. The fully extended curved slotted (scraper) slots remove the dust improving brake performance and keeping your wheels cleaner. Vented area between discs promotes air circulation and reduces brake fade.


  • Partially drilled dimples
  • Fully extended slotted (scraper) slots
  • Heat tempered
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Machined Surface
  • vented area between discs


Increased dissipation of water, dust and road grime from the contact area of your braking system.
Machined finish on the brake surface, enhances initial brake performance.
Longer life in the metal composition and structure due to heat tempering.
Improved integrity of the pad and rotor surface, through deglazing of the contact area.
Slotted surface combats “out-gassing” caused by gas from the brake pad bonding agent forming a cushion between your pad and rotor reducing pad “bite”. Vented area promotes air circulation and keeps discs cooler.